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A brief round-up of lady-like spring styles with a hint of whimsy. Expect flowing materials i.e. chiffon, jersey and charmeuse. Also note the subtle presence of pastels (especially lavender, light blue), some greys and a punch of chartreuse

By User: petamartin on Oct 07, 2007 | 140 images

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Babushkas, Hood (or something on them similar) at the fall's RTW shows

By User: ablahnik on Sep 21, 2007 | 72 images

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Leopard & Zebra at the fall's RTW and CTR shows

By User: ablahnik on Sep 21, 2007 | 48 images

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Stuff from over the past 6 months or so that has grabbed my attention. It is all chosen because it is inspiring, so not everything is actually nice.

By User: jess_skye on Sep 03, 2009 | 94 images

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Fall/Winter Fashions 2007

By User: SpacyCasey on Oct 15, 2008 | 60 images

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The Color Grey, Chunky Knits, and Cowlnecks

By User: cestenes on Dec 07, 2007 | 5 images

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Trends of Spring RTW 2007.

By User: aqueous_08 on Aug 13, 2007 | 109 images

not yet rated's favorite gray looks from the fall season.

By User: fashionclub on Aug 07, 2007 | 10 images

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Looks including neon colors, prints, bow detailing, skinny pants, and mismatching.

By User: crashdiets on Jul 04, 2007 | 11 images

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black and white are the most important colors in my closet. these outfits prove that a lack of color doesn't have to be written off as boring...

By User: amabran on Jun 25, 2008 | 18 images

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