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here are some looks i think will translate well into outfits wearable for school (in my case, college)

By User: tttrishhha on Feb 16, 2008 | 85 images

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(trends from the Fall 2008 Paris shows)

By User: alessandria on Jul 03, 2008 | 336 images

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Spring/Summer 2008 Runway Trends

By User: spunke_mag_editor on Feb 23, 2008 | 56 images

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wish list for fashion this year

By User: adtjn on Feb 05, 2009 | 55 images

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By User: kar1429 on May 03, 2008 | 135 images

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A love Triangle - Classicism meets modernism which then becomes infatuated with romaticism. (Trends from the Fall 2008 Milan Collections)

By User: alessandria on Feb 28, 2008 | 314 images

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PRINTS FALL 2009: A look at how each designer incorporated prints into the collections this season.

By User: princeprintsreport on Feb 27, 2008 | 102 images

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Prints: My favorite area of prints to cover each season is the stipe & the dot. It is every designer's task at one point or another to reinvent this surface textile design and make it new & fresh...once again.

By User: princeprintsreport on Feb 27, 2008 | 39 images

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Fall / Wnter Florals are always very intricately sprinkled in a collection to mark the transition into a darker season as seamless as possible.

By User: princeprintsreport on Feb 22, 2008 | 30 images

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Prints: Inspired by nature & the nature of design. Prints that create a fluid motion comprised of elements found in the lives of carbon exchange. some are recognizable....and some are not, unless you walk aroung with a microscope.

By User: princeprintsreport on Feb 27, 2008 | 65 images

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