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My favourite looks from the stunning designs of D&G

By User: fashion_gurl012 on Sep 05, 2011 | 51 images

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My favourite looks from my favourite Versace collection. Inspired by Tim Burton's "Alice In Wonderland"

By User: fashion_gurl012 on Aug 28, 2011 | 32 images

57% Rating

Is it the clothes that make the people, or the people that make the clothes.. People, celebrities and models in great outfits!

By User: Tirill on Aug 22, 2011 | 314 images

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zian assaad's evening gowns

By User: zian7 on Aug 17, 2011 | 42 images

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like a fresh bouquet of flowers, everyone is beautiful...

By User: noele on Jul 06, 2011 | 15 images

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Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes Silver white winters that melt into springs These are a few of my favorite things ;)

By User: AleksandarT on Jun 28, 2011 | 81 images

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Work and weekend ideas for summer.

By User: alinadoodnath on Jun 08, 2011 | 28 images

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These beautiful gowns make dressing up fun,cool,and classic!

By User: gamefreek on Jun 06, 2011 | 186 images

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favorite runway looks

By User: Regina18 on Apr 08, 2011 | 185 images

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best dresses ss'11

By User: normajeanbaby on Mar 11, 2011 | 101 images

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