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looks like....

By User: fluidT on Jan 28, 2008 | 21 images

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All I have to say is BLACK IS BACK!!!!

By User: gamefreek on May 03, 2011 | 163 images

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Broken look

By User: GreteP on Jan 30, 2012 | 10 images

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This is what I like and would like to wear here in cold scandinavia! Knits, grey and black and some color added too!

By User: haradsbo58 on Jan 27, 2011 | 364 images

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Beloved black...

By User: hidargy on Oct 19, 2007 | 8 images

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a cool punk rock look

By User: icefashionista on Jul 13, 2009 | 34 images

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menswear 1

By User: imoginebrown on Jan 31, 2011 | 30 images

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not just LBD

By User: in_door on Jun 10, 2009 | 29 images

66% Rating

Personal favorites from the fall 2007 rtw collections. I break down each look into what's going into my closet and/or my clients closets

By User: its_likebamboo on Nov 17, 2007 | 36 images

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Black Drama Mix highlights the color black in Pucci 2002-2012. In the late 1970's I was honored to be selected by Emilio Pucci himself, to walk the runways as a model for him during & after my graduation from Miami Int'l University Of Art & Design--Jackie

By User: JackieDeniseSheftz on Apr 24, 2013 | 327 images

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