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61% Rating

Sexy Looks for the Summer

By User: mjordan on May 26, 2008 | 37 images

65% Rating

this is for the elegant woman*

By User: maryoh on Nov 12, 2007 | 89 images

66% Rating

I have noticed lately the amount of gorgeous flowy, and tailored black pieces coming down the runway. This is just a showcase of the original feminine color, and shows a modern spin on it.

By User: Charmander on Oct 06, 2007 | 43 images

66% Rating

White magic and something more

By User: Mia_Bulgaria on Jun 16, 2007 | 21 images

not yet rated

This is basically a collection of looks that I like and that I'm inspired by, and pictures of my muse and heroine Kim Noorda (and a few of my other inspirations as well!). Enjoy the parade. :)

By User: Marcuria on Jun 15, 2007 | 103 images

not yet rated

This book is pretty much comprised of fashions that I find exceedingly beautiful.

By User: SStoto on Apr 20, 2007 | 39 images

not yet rated

Spring 2007 Most of the collections contained a lot of clear, silver, white and black. Transparency, translucency, clearness, monochromatic looks.

By User: trufashionista on Apr 04, 2007 | 454 images

64% Rating

The hottest spring styles as seen on the runway, but wearable on the town.

By User: Starlyt4 on Feb 06, 2007 | 49 images

70% Rating

My favorite pics for springs shades of white. Many are chosen for originality in shape, the movement, or subtle details.

By User: kava16 on Feb 02, 2007 | 15 images

not yet rated

Like the summer look? Or just like a splash of colour? Or maybe white and black, nautical look it for you? Check out this lookbook for heaps of inspiration!

By User: rosethepose on Jan 31, 2007 | 13 images

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