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68% Rating

Just some of my favorites from now and seasons past. :)

By User: piazoe001 on Jan 24, 2012 | 230 images

73% Rating

A collection of the most fantastical creations in recent fashion history that will provide a source of escape from mundane reality. Dare to dream!

By User: AlejandroPerezCastells on May 29, 2007 | 128 images

not yet rated

Dior Couture Show Spring 2007, Finally a designer who grasps the concept of Coture.

By User: HeatherLynn on Apr 02, 2007 | 74 images

66% Rating

The best of the spring couture.

By User: balenciaga212 on Feb 16, 2007 | 23 images

71% Rating

The best Dior accessories from recent years.

By User: jakejam on Jan 19, 2007 | 26 images

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