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69% Rating

Heloise Southern Hemisphere Summer 2007, Winter 2007

By User: Heloisevz on Oct 19, 2007 | 74 images

64% Rating

Ready To Wear and Couture dresses, suits, and gowns from the 2007 spring collections.

By User: givemeheels on Sep 13, 2007 | 111 images

72% Rating

gorgeous shoes, dream dresses

By User: Muchotrawka on Jul 31, 2007 | 83 images

60% Rating

my inspirations for my wedding dress

By User: blushnebula on Jun 21, 2007 | 10 images

not yet rated

Feminine and light looks for my summer. Some looks are suitable for the office which is important for me.

By User: berelena on Apr 28, 2007 | 20 images

not yet rated

Dresses I would actually wear if I could. My taste is a little conservative, cute, feminine, and classic.

By User: LikityKity on Feb 07, 2007 | 5 images

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