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68% Rating

mostly dresses but also some formal pieces as well

By User: anne_ on Sep 26, 2008 | 80 images

54% Rating

formal pics

By User: nnolan on Aug 07, 2008 | 254 images

59% Rating

wild chic funky chic classic chic formal chic 2007 chic!

By User: maryoh on Nov 12, 2007 | 52 images

not yet rated

formal, sophicated yet not too old... someone who can appreciate subtle style can appreciate this

By User: keishat17 on May 07, 2007 | 27 images

not yet rated

Wearable and Chic. Timeless Formal/Semi-Formal/Casual and Office creations. Neutrals that will never go out of style from a wide veriety of designers.

By User: Futurefasionista on Mar 16, 2007 | 210 images

58% Rating

Formal dresses

By User: nikkee_b on Mar 01, 2007 | 48 images

64% Rating

The hottest spring styles as seen on the runway, but wearable on the town.

By User: Starlyt4 on Feb 06, 2007 | 49 images

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