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Pants are tricky, they should enhance your natural lines. Don't follow trends if they don't fit your proportion. Pants should be feminine, soft, or shape forming. Short women should not wear wide pant legs.

By User: maryrambau on Jun 06, 2014 | 35 images

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My Spring 2013 Ready to Wear runway favorites.

By User: sarahfixler on Feb 18, 2013 | 695 images

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Designers at the Resort/Cruise 2013 shows had a lighter more whimsical take on prints. While previous runways maintained a stronger more graphic aesthetic, the Resort lines emphasized watercolor florals, blurred abstract prints, and wavy stripes.

By User: JaimeACohn on Jul 12, 2012 | 57 images

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So long to perfectly coordinated outfits. Designers went all out with mismatched prints at the Resort/Cruise 2013 shows. Every combination of stripes, graphics, polka dots, plaid and animal prints could be seen paired flawlessly coming down the runway.

By User: JaimeACohn on Jul 12, 2012 | 69 images

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Weekend Fall 2011: 1)skinnies + slouchy & sexy tops + long cardis or vests. 2)skinnies + fitted a-symmetrical top + fitted cropped jacket/blazer 3)fitted trousers + fancy top + car coat 4)wide-leg pants + fitted knit tops

By User: acspencer on Jan 30, 2012 | 28 images

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My favorite separates from the spring 2012 collections.

By User: sofiamasri on Jan 16, 2012 | 45 images

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innocence, purity, seduction...

By User: noele on Jan 14, 2012 | 37 images

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hot times

By User: noele on Jan 14, 2012 | 20 images

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Casual look with a dressy attitude

By User: specialk on May 31, 2011 | 1 images

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best of ss'11

By User: normajeanbaby on Mar 11, 2011 | 33 images

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