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66% Rating

I pulled my favorite looks straight off the runway and analyzed them in my Spring 2008 lookbook. Enjoy!

By User: xoKellaBellaox on Apr 09, 2013 | 13 images

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Looks for Spring 2012

By User: lovelylight1188 on Nov 15, 2012 | 31 images

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pristine light and water

By User: ana_macedo on Jun 17, 2010 | 9 images

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Amy Smilovic focused on the delimma of how to dress every day. She wanted to look put together- but never trying too hard. She was in the mood for complete outfits for Fall 2010.

By User: TibiNewYork on May 05, 2010 | 42 images

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A collection of looks to satisfy a crisp, cool, and clean style that begs for summer.

By User: mbouton on May 26, 2009 | 30 images

61% Rating

the shifting fine line between what is and what can be.

By User: kellyleigh on Jan 28, 2009 | 260 images

not yet rated

My favorites from Spring 2009 collections

By User: jchein on Jan 02, 2009 | 21 images

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printemps 2008 | les ensembles préférés *du petit lapin vegan

By User: MiuMiuMoose on Mar 03, 2008 | 124 images

not yet rated

Sometimes a little urban or punk, other times classic and clean, these are my favourites from the Spring 2008 ready-to-wear collections.

By User: aperantoni on Dec 23, 2007 | 37 images

68% Rating

Sophisticated Preppy style, what I want to wear for school.

By User: candybluenight on Sep 27, 2007 | 31 images

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