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So long to perfectly coordinated outfits. Designers went all out with mismatched prints at the Resort/Cruise 2013 shows. Every combination of stripes, graphics, polka dots, plaid and animal prints could be seen paired flawlessly coming down the runway.

By User: JaimeACohn on Jul 12, 2012 | 69 images

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Burberry's 2011 Fall RTW collection highlights.

By User: doriannc on Feb 22, 2011 | 22 images

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Not so inspired. I had two different feelings: 1- Chanel goes as grunge as Chanel can be, 2- That's 70's show

By User: mafemiguel on Mar 10, 2010 | 73 images

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British country heritage looks

By User: princesspoppy on Feb 21, 2010 | 12 images

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A collection of the most chic runway looks that features plaid.

By User: mamakudos on Sep 09, 2008 | 22 images

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