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64% Rating

Best of Couture 07, RTW Fall/winter 06/07, Spring 06/07.

By User: CocoB on May 10, 2007 | 47 images

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A beautiful fairytale in elaborately gowns, evening accessories and gorgeous voluminous skirts are making all the dreams come true.

By User: couturegirl42 on Dec 27, 2009 | 85 images

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5 looks I love from Dior's couture collection this season.

By User: Fashionesta18 on Jan 27, 2009 | 5 images

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My FA/14/COUTURE favorites from the runway

By User: From_My_Eyes_Only on Jul 18, 2014 | 32 images

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fave looks & accessories

By User: hots0da on Dec 28, 2008 | 394 images

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The best looks of the couture season.

By User: ilaughead on Jul 18, 2007 | 15 images

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Christian Diors pretty daytime looks and ultra flirty cocktail dresses And Elie Saabs evening and ball gowns *** magnificently feminine dresses!

By User: ILoveJude on Jun 15, 2010 | 20 images

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The ones that I thought stood out and I found personally pleasing.

By User: indianflute on Mar 03, 2009 | 102 images

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The Japanese inspired looks of John Galliano's Spring 2007 couture collectionf for Christian Dior are a series of amazingly constructed and beautiful garments. Outstanding. Icy @

By User: individualchic on Jul 03, 2007 | 6 images

68% Rating

These are my favorites Good for evenings or anything their my kind of style i love them all from my favorite designers more to come still adding lots!!!!

By User: jazzshoes111 on Apr 26, 2008 | 904 images

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