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Gorgeous Accessories from Fall 2008

By User: StefanOnFashion on Jun 14, 2008 | 45 images

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Spring 2008 , random picks. pretty good stuff in valentino and gucci, but i didnt like vera wang and christian lacroix. enjoy

By User: secretstyle on Jun 12, 2008 | 143 images

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details of clothes

By User: waldorfchic on May 01, 2008 | 378 images

68% Rating

These are my favorites Good for evenings or anything their my kind of style i love them all from my favorite designers more to come still adding lots!!!!

By User: jazzshoes111 on Apr 26, 2008 | 904 images

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I'm working on a proposal for an environmental conference. It concerns Emerson, Thoreau, and Dickinson and their influence on ladies fashion. I'm headed toward designers like Chanel, Versace, and Dior.

By User: alk6272 on Apr 05, 2008 | 41 images

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Best of Spring 2008

By User: CharmingNicky on Feb 29, 2008 | 23 images

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My favourite selections from Christian Dior's Ready to Wear Collection.

By User: 7Ev4n27 on Feb 27, 2008 | 25 images

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Looks from the recent collections

By User: Jessbar on Dec 06, 2007 | 26 images

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Only the coolest, chicest, and most fabulous BLACK ensembles any woman could dream of having.

By User: Vaxter on Nov 09, 2007 | 29 images

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As I look toward my future as a fashion designer I can't help but condone the people that have influenced me in my life long love of designing. As a designer GIANFRANCO FERRE' has been one of those people, and the death of him shall not be in vain.

By User: Vaxter on Aug 15, 2007 | 25 images

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