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Jean Paul Gaultier

By User: Pathyferreira on Jul 09, 2010 | 26 images

73% Rating

Looking into JP Gaultier's world.

By User: inakaro on Jun 28, 2010 | 28 images

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The Best Looks of Paris 2010 Spring Couture.

By User: AlexanderVazquez on Feb 06, 2010 | 67 images

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These SHOWSTOPPERS might only become editorial fodder but they are definitely DESIGNS for our BRAND NEW CENTURY. Marvelous.

By User: larrylev on Oct 01, 2008 | 80 images

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My picks for the best looks of Spring Couture '08—the best season in a long, long time. Gaultier wins this round, with Versace as the nicest surprise.

By User: madpawn on Jan 24, 2008 | 93 images

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