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S/S 2011 70's Glamour

By User: katbascom on Feb 01, 2011 | 328 images

60% Rating

love the air-like fabrics on the dresses

By User: Monicka on May 09, 2010 | 158 images

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By User: pure_poison on Jul 29, 2008 | 11 images

73% Rating

Bright, breezy, preppy summer pieces, interspersed with favorite makeup looks and models.

By User: EireDahlia on Jul 24, 2008 | 72 images

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70's Retro, Grunge, Hippie, Punk. The personal style

By User: Josefins on Jul 22, 2008 | 14 images

64% Rating

Indie, hippie style... it's just the coolest, pretty much! Here are some examples of what everyone should aspire to look like. hahaha

By User: justagirl on Jun 12, 2008 | 22 images

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golden styles

By User: chloewise on Apr 10, 2008 | 53 images

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I am in love with the hippie influence this summer and the coming winter. Beautiful print chiffon dresses, long necklaces, fringe, hair tied up with a scarf are definitely a go for the season. Matching hippie look with rock items will be my try this season!

By User: aliceali on Feb 11, 2008 | 25 images

not yet rated

Just some fall's looks that I find beautiful and inspiring.

By User: meriq on Jul 22, 2007 | 21 images

59% Rating

What I want to wear to school during the fall semester.

By User: ebizeleth on May 25, 2007 | 25 images

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