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Here I sit in front of my computer in fashion oblivion aka Tucson, AZ. Despite this Podunk existence I can still manage to be inspired by fashion namely Marc Jacobs. Here are some of my Fall 09' faves!

By User: steffie on Feb 19, 2009 | 8 images

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From sorbet to papaya, and raspberry to lime, luscious edible color surfaces in an otherwise dark season. Plum, blueberry, and raspberry for dessert.

By User: michwood on Feb 15, 2008 | 28 images

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New York fashion week favorites....

By User: michwood on Mar 11, 2010 | 104 images

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A pick of some great Fall 08 styles with a sophisticated yet edgy look.

By User: mtoal on Feb 08, 2008 | 43 images

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Runway looks that inspire and provide a template for my style.

By User: vosschic on Sep 12, 2010 | 207 images

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i love burberry

By User: ballerinagirl on Nov 21, 2010 | 22 images

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my favorite looks from recent seasons! this is what i feel is fashion!

By User: imakefashion on Sep 16, 2010 | 235 images

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an assebly of interesting fabrics flowing throughout with a stream of color.

By User: moad00 on Dec 15, 2007 | 15 images

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Just picked the looks I liked most to share with Flying Colours Image Consultants and some other Stylists whose work I like. Loads of white in all sorts of fabrices like chiffon or jersey - "Anyone for Tennis!"

By User: EvaStyle on Feb 25, 2010 | 128 images

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I'm a little bored of black on black with black tights & shoes, chic as it may be. Here are some different looks for seasons to come.

By User: twerpsy on Feb 22, 2007 | 19 images

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