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68% Rating

The best colour combinations.

By User: vanillaspicelove on Mar 23, 2008 | 21 images

66% Rating

Cooler than a polar bear's toenails.

By User: MedianHater on Feb 17, 2008 | 38 images

not yet rated

A lookbook designed to showcase the personal tastes of the creator, with recurring colours, fabrics and styles.

By User: Synthelucia on Jan 20, 2008 | 19 images

not yet rated

some nice looking dresses :)

By User: andymel on Nov 19, 2007 | 8 images

66% Rating

Hot colors and cool accessories.

By User: janeincolor on Sep 06, 2007 | 46 images

not yet rated

I'm a little bored of black on black with black tights & shoes, chic as it may be. Here are some different looks for seasons to come.

By User: twerpsy on Feb 22, 2007 | 19 images

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