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Diane von Furstenberg

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beautiful clothes for every day

By User: mayathebee0708 on Apr 22, 2013 | 102 images

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Just the collections and outfits that caught my eye first for the new season. With DVF, MJ, Acne, Band of Outsiders and Anna Sui. They are all really inspiring.

By User: MinnieFlamingo on Dec 29, 2011 | 73 images

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just some random stuffs

By User: Conniechiuwa on Jun 21, 2011 | 40 images

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gorgeous clothing

By User: LilyFair on Dec 10, 2010 | 48 images

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A little inspirations for you hot-hot-summer.

By User: hanifee on Dec 02, 2010 | 41 images

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Just my collection of ideas for back to school shopping this fall. I don't really have any cash so I'll be using these as inspiration for my vintage searching and maniacal dressmaking. XD

By User: peachykeen590 on Oct 17, 2010 | 142 images

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favorites from Diane vonFurstenberg

By User: nadiathinks on May 07, 2009 | 8 images

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The ones that I thought stood out and I found personally pleasing.

By User: indianflute on Mar 03, 2009 | 102 images

68% Rating

16 easy, elegant pieces for that fantasy vacation I've been planning for a long, long time ...

By User: Jessbar on Sep 08, 2008 | 16 images

66% Rating

everything you need to be supercute party girl drink champagne have fun don't look tacky, anti-hollywood, now and wow. woo whee. woo whee. woo!

By User: morganfoo on Jun 09, 2008 | 43 images

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