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grunge redux

By User: daphne17 on Mar 05, 2014 | 51 images

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Floral print for Fall 2013.

By User: TheNextAnna on Jul 24, 2013 | 9 images

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My fav looks from Saint Laurent's FRTW

By User: jeanellaisha on Mar 04, 2013 | 12 images

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these were some of my favorite 2011 trends on the runway! I love the out of the box,neo goth look.

By User: clasiklove on May 06, 2011 | 14 images

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Poor little rich girl! Dresses are from just a few season ago and rehab passes through flannel layering, knitted tuques, fur cagoule, oversize scarves, mid length socks and a true thrift store mood. Ciao, Manhattan!

By User: rosabah on Feb 24, 2010 | 41 images

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70's Retro, Grunge, Hippie, Punk. The personal style

By User: Josefins on Jul 22, 2008 | 14 images

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It's all about the Grunge look.

By User: mystyllle on Aug 24, 2007 | 26 images

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Grunge and street; 2 things I love about fashion. High waist pants, grey, black, [...]

By User: mystyllle on Aug 24, 2007 | 46 images

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