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Romantic and elegant looks for Christmas

By User: Schattenpflaenzchen on Dec 18, 2013 | 66 images

68% Rating

beautiful clothes for every day

By User: mayathebee0708 on Apr 22, 2013 | 102 images

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BeSt ShortS @ Fashion Week... :) FUn, CHIC, GlaM, Out-there-gutsy, baBaBoom, Clean and/or suits-sy ways to wear shorts. :)

By User: tcrobles1 on Sep 12, 2012 | 18 images

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If you're looking for an effortles chic option, nude colors and transparencies can work in every ocassion. Wheater is a fancy party or a cockail, these looks will complement your natural beauty.

By User: agvf88 on Sep 06, 2012 | 300 images

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long beautiful dresses with doze of extravagance that I imagine myself in at some very special occasions

By User: ladyironia on Mar 07, 2012 | 32 images

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Chic Styles for Modern Women

By User: eleanor_kristine on Nov 24, 2011 | 43 images

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Some elegant pieces , picked from various designers.

By User: SashaLa on Aug 26, 2011 | 63 images

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Damsels and heroines shape the fairytale-inspired collections of Spring 2011

By User: Musingb on May 05, 2011 | 15 images

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Classy looks for classy women

By User: denifashion on Aug 09, 2010 | 44 images

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moust beautyful,elegant,feminine looks

By User: anamariatm on Mar 08, 2010 | 35 images

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