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i get a very vintage feel from the collections now, lovely classic dresses and styles similar to when pants were becoming fashionable for women

By User: tttrishhha on Feb 25, 2008 | 16 images

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Here are my favorites out of the collections for 2008, so far. More to come later.

By User: SLH_xO on Feb 26, 2008 | 146 images

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my beauty inspirations: a synopsis of my personal beauty icons.

By User: amabran on Feb 27, 2008 | 10 images

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Prints: Inspired by nature & the nature of design. Prints that create a fluid motion comprised of elements found in the lives of carbon exchange. some are recognizable....and some are not, unless you walk aroung with a microscope.

By User: princeprintsreport on Feb 27, 2008 | 65 images

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Always innovative and trendsetting for the rest of the fashion world. Milan wasn't short of many intriguing shapes and creations. Part 1

By User: bonichiqua on Mar 01, 2008 | 171 images

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these are some of my favorite looks that i absolutly love!

By User: janet14cantu on Mar 01, 2008 | 63 images

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The best of pret a porter !

By User: laura_valentina on Mar 16, 2008 | 168 images

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My Lookbook, Enjoy =)

By User: ScarletR on Mar 27, 2008 | 95 images

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Think power, woman on top - back to the seventies where money could be everything and Versace leaded the way...

By User: leanda on Apr 08, 2008 | 21 images

69% Rating

Fall fashion at its best

By User: CFeroshh on Apr 09, 2008 | 77 images

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