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Many looks from several Spring '08/Resort '08 shows consisted of beautiful flowered prints and flowing looks, perfect for the garden. Many of these pieces looked like a garden was growing on the clothes.

By User: Madelinee on Jan 24, 2008 | 35 images

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Amazing fabric' prints and patterns, amazing looks!

By User: mrgt on Jan 30, 2012 | 13 images

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My Fav looks from Spring

By User: mariella88 on Apr 04, 2007 | 12 images

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Where have all the flowers gone? Away from the wall.... Spring 2014 has served up twists and turns on a spring classic, not to mention, botanical musings, oversized proportions, and anything but delicate.

By User: michwood on Sep 29, 2013 | 21 images

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My Spring 2013 Ready to Wear runway favorites.

By User: sarahfixler on Feb 18, 2013 | 695 images

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Some of the most beautiful looks from RTW collections in Paris 2008.

By User: saudade on Mar 03, 2008 | 18 images

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beautiful and romantic looks for the countryside

By User: Schattenpflaenzchen on Sep 19, 2013 | 99 images

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Floral print...

By User: SimplyJess on Sep 04, 2008 | 10 images

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Runway looks in full bloom.

By User: stylistafinds on Feb 03, 2011 | 22 images

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Floral print for Fall 2013.

By User: TheNextAnna on Jul 24, 2013 | 9 images


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