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Fashion is all about realizing that clothes are meant to make a statement. Fashion is beautiful, daring, is everything; only some eyes understand. Fashion; live it, breathe it, be it.

By User: ljdf331 on Nov 14, 2009 | 130 images

69% Rating

Clothing that is reminiscent if clouds, all designs are airy and make you float away

By User: LNeal23 on Jun 09, 2008 | 30 images

62% Rating

Well...then come and paint my world on yellow, orange, red and blue and let everything grow green...dare you?

By User: vintagegoa on Jun 12, 2007 | 185 images

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A little look on the styles and especially the colors of this fall...

By User: Nightlady on Aug 16, 2008 | 32 images

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Can't afford to buy? Then make or modify - DIY inspiration from the runways. Will add more from past and future collections.

By User: danz21 on Jul 07, 2009 | 97 images

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dress for yourself

By User: jenska on Jul 25, 2008 | 46 images

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These pieces I've collected are inspiration for my new style as a designer myself.

By User: AliWeibel on Dec 07, 2011 | 672 images

64% Rating

Spring 2008 inspiration...and a few favorite photographs

By User: elzagrey on Jan 18, 2008 | 33 images

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Everything sweet is those inspirational dresses and outfits, which can inspire us on special occasions. And make us feel like Carrie Bradshaw; bring out that sexy Serena Van Der Woodsen while feeling sassy stylish like Blair Waldorf! ;) Jason Wu,Elie Saab

By User: zoedesion on Feb 17, 2011 | 15 images

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Looks from the collections A through Z

By User: ange5986 on Jul 26, 2012 | 201 images

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