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I streamlined this as much as I could...and its still a HUUUUGE ammount of pictures!! Oh well, who knew I loved Haut this much!!?? Especially Galliano, Givinchy (with both Julian McDonald and Ricardo Tisci) and Versace...enjoy! x

By User: KittyH on Jul 06, 2008 | 327 images

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Some of my favourite

By User: KittyH on Apr 01, 2008 | 70 images

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Its a sunny day so I felt inspired!!

By User: KittyH on Mar 31, 2008 | 99 images

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Carine and Emanuelle, I like to think they are best friends in real life, dunno if they are, but in my head they do everything together, eat, drink, shop...I wanna be their friend!

By User: KittyH on Mar 28, 2008 | 20 images

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Technical genius, Alexander McQueen. Makes me proud to be British, we do creativity and controversy better than anyone else. And here's why....

By User: KittyH on Mar 17, 2008 | 100 images

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A small homage to The Sartorialist and a bunch of other looks from many other people. A few personal comments too. Sorry if I offend!!!

By User: KittyH on Mar 17, 2008 | 136 images

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AW 2008 - My favourite Looks.

By User: KittyH on Mar 11, 2008 | 138 images

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