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My favorite Spring 2008 looks

By User: MonteJ on Oct 16, 2008 | 108 images

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The Shoes From Spring 2008 had color and Character This lookbook shows all the things A designer could Do with a shoe

By User: MonteJ on May 18, 2008 | 212 images

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These Are All the Outfits From Fall 2008 That looks like a work of art

By User: MonteJ on May 17, 2008 | 312 images

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Some of the trend starters who bring color to the runway

By User: MonteJ on Sep 15, 2007 | 44 images

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These are some of the Models making heads turn With their Chic unique Hair styles

By User: MonteJ on Sep 15, 2007 | 17 images

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These are not just Shoes, But it's Art. Every shoe is Different and Amazing. It's like looking at art on the wall. These shoes oze Fashion. They Define Fashion and whats it all about...Great SHOES

By User: MonteJ on Aug 25, 2007 | 50 images

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