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Of course, dark sunglasses and hats have to be added, matched for each look!

By User: Veronica_H on Jun 25, 2008 | 23 images

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The natural-look creates a mask of "wearing no mask!" However, it is so hard (at lease for me) to do make-up without some dramatic touches--after all that is the fun part of doing it from the very begining! Am I right?

By User: Veronica_H on Aug 09, 2007 | 12 images

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Femme: the Power of Spring! Feel It, Express It, & Wear IT!

By User: Veronica_H on Feb 07, 2007 | 51 images

61% Rating

Spring 07 Backstage

By User: Veronica_H on Feb 07, 2007 | 36 images

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A Close-Up

By User: Veronica_H on Feb 04, 2007 | 23 images

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