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Whatever strikes my fancy..

By User: woodwoaq on Dec 22, 2008 | 53 images

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My favorite looks from 2008's Costume Institute fte.

By User: woodwoaq on May 06, 2008 | 32 images

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I would be a happy girl if I had a wardrobe like this for Fall..

By User: woodwoaq on Feb 29, 2008 | 72 images

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Perfect gowns made to wear on the Oscars' red carpet.

By User: woodwoaq on Feb 22, 2008 | 61 images

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This is pretty much runway shows, photos of celebs at events, basically anything I love, I'm putting on here..enjoy

By User: woodwoaq on Feb 12, 2008 | 680 images

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How to look fabulous at midnight when you're hitting the dance floor with your glass of Mot and Chandon..

By User: woodwoaq on Dec 20, 2007 | 44 images

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