Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear


Senior Beauty Editor Celia Ellenberg's take:
Bangs are back for Fall, and Paul Hanlon's onboard with their latest resurrection. "It's very, very Sassoon," he said, describing the custom-cut, heavy faux fringe that he beveled around the front edges this morning at Marni, to impart a 1960s look. "The clothes are all really graphic and bold, so it's really a nice change of pace to do something like this," the stylist divulged of the "retro-ness" of the hairpieces, pointing out that the specific shape he had snipped into the series of clip-on accessories is particularly flattering to womens' faces. Using Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream to give strands a certain softly textured languidness, Hanlon slicked back a front section to have something to slip the bangs into. "It's a little geeky, in a way, which I kind of like," he said of the end result.

Tom Pecheux was going for less geek and more ghoul. "She's a very spooky girl," he said of the Marni woman for Fall, whom he described as equal parts Tim Burton and The Addams Family. Ghostly as she may be, Consuelo Castiglioni's girl is nothing if not quirky and posh. "It's 15 years that I've been doing this show, and this is my favorite collection," Pecheux admitted of the "super-modern, wearable clothes," that "stink rich," as he put it. Using a single pot of MAC's forthcoming Pro Longwear Eyeshadow in Mauveness, the makeup artist sculpted cheeks and eyes with the purplish-brown pigment so that they had a hollowed-out effect. The one break in the monochrome color scheme came via a white pencil that lined the inner rim of the lower lash line and was diffused through the inner corners of the eyes "like a tear," according to Pecheux. Why were the models crying? We can only imagine it had something to do with all of those oversize fur collars being so heartbreakingly divine.
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