Fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear

Derek Lam

Senior Beauty Editor Celia Ellenberg's take:
"The buzzwords were bohemian, minimalism, structural architecture," Orlando Pita said backstage at Derek Lam, rattling off a list of inspirational terms the designer had provided him with as a beauty directive for Fall. To Pita, that immediately meant texture. "We're braiding hair and setting a wave," he explained, adding extensions to ensure a uniform thickness at the bottom while prepping three-inch-wide sections with Phyto Workable Holding Spray before weaving them into plaits and pressing them with T3's SinglePass Flat Iron. Nodding to the freewheeling feeling of the late seventies, Pita center-parted strands to "make the face more symmetrical" and ran his fingers through the crimped plackets. Then, taking two pins, he secured front sections behind models' ears to give the shape a sense of uniformity.

Estée Lauder global Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux was speaking to Lam's aptitude for giving incredibly rich fabrics a sense of casual comfort, which he also related to a bohemian sensibility—one that is rooted specifically in California. "You know when you ask people on the West Coast why they live on the West Coast and they say 'quality of life'? It's that kind of feeling," he explained of the "very minimal" makeup that still managed to have a few complex twists and turns.

Following a massage with Estée Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator and its DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme, Pecheux created a base with Lauder's Double Wear Light Stay-in-Place Makeup. "There's no brow, no mascara, no contours, no highlighting," he was quick to point out, turning his attention instead to a "stripe of eye shadow" in varying shades of lavender, rose, silver, and gray from Estée Lauder's forthcoming Pure Color Instant Intense EyeShadow Trios in Smoked Chrome, Steel Lilacs, and Sterling Plums, concentrating the sheer, shimmering pigment in the center of lids to catch the light on the runway. Lips were slicked with a blend of Lauder's as-yet-unreleased Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick in Burnished Bronze, a sheer caramel, and its Pure Color High Intensity Lip Lacquer in Electric Wine, a deep garnet, before Pecheux pressed them with his fingertips to create a stain. As a finishing touch, he took another finger-dab of its Pure Color Stay-On Shadow Paint in Sinister, a dark black, which he patted onto the middle of mouths to simulate "voluptuousness."
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