Spring 2012 Ready-to-Wear

Christian Dior

From the beauty desk:
There was a peculiar sense of life imitating art backstage at Christian Dior today. The brand recently debuted its latest Charlize Theron-fronted J'adore Dior fragrance commercial, equipped with some particularly impressive CGI in which Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, and Marlene Dietrich all appear with Theron—backstage before a Dior show, in fact. A few short weeks later, a Kelly-esque air could be detected in the hair and makeup for Spring. "She's got perfect eyes, perfect skin, groomed eyebrows, and beautiful red lips—nothing overdone," makeup artist Pat McGrath said, mixing together three different pout pigments to come up with a pretty, matte, pinkish crimson mouth. "It's a lipstick a girl would wear today," McGrath added, bringing it back to the here and now.

"[This season] is very much about enhancement in a natural way," she continued—except, of course, on nails. Fingers were treated to varying shades of forthcoming Dior Le Vernis lacquers in soft green (Water Lily #504), orange (Riviera #537), and violet (Forget Me Not #694) as well as demure hues of nude and pink (Incognito #257 and Lucky #659, respectively), which popped softly on short, neat oval tips.

Hair maestro Orlando Pita was up for a similar change of pace, embracing a simple retro style and making it modern. "I don't like to take the past in a very literal sense," he proclaimed. "So the idea was to keep it very young and fresh—still groomed, but not too complicated." This translated into a side part that Pita prepped with his T3 Plump volume spray before gently sweeping lengths into a soft roll above the nape of the neck. A halo of his T3 Control hair spray kept everything in place. Simple as it sounds, Pita reiterated that you needn't give this one a go at home. "I always try to do a hairstyle that isn't so easy to do by yourself," he said, keeping the mystery of session-styling alive. "Otherwise, what's the point?"
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