Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear

Narciso Rodriguez

Senior Beauty Editor Amber Kallor's take:
The king of minimalism didn't stray far from his roots this season when it came to hair and makeup (although the designer did display a new hem length on the runway). But behind the barely there maquillage was a study in both physiology and proportion, explained makeup pro Dick Page. "Rather than projecting the idea of painting the face, I thought about how everything is mobile and three-dimensional…it's almost like when you do a life drawing in art class and have to think about structure." For brows and lashes, he mixed three parts gel to one part brown mascara to achieve the optimal shade and texture. On lids, he blended Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Shoyu with a bit of moisturizer for a transparent finish, and applied the same shadow formula in Yuba to the inner corners to subtly catch the light. Page also concocted a custom shade of blush, with fairer girls receiving a ratio of two parts Lacquer Rouge in Metalrose (a reddish pink) to one part Hellebore (a plum), and used the same tones for darker complexions, only with the equation reversed. To apply, he pinched a cosmetic sponge to create a domed shape, which is optimal for working the product into the skin. A blend of foundation and Lacquer Rouge in Camel was tapped on to the lips for a muted effect.

Hairstylist Paul Hanlon kept things classic with what he described as an "old salon blow-dry." He started by spritzing Moroccanoil Heat Styling Protection from midlength down, and added Volumizing Mousse all the way through. Then Hanlon blow-dried strands in large sections using big, round brushes. For a hint of sexiness and as an ode to the forties (a reference given to him by Rodriguez), he added a deep side part, hair-sprayed the top to cancel any flyaways, and used a drop or two of Treatment Light on the ends for separation. Simple, yet impactful—just like the collection.
Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear Shows
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