"It's about creating desirability," said Zac Posen, outlining the motivation behind his resort show. "There's nothing too theme-y about it." The models' berets put some in mind of Faye Dunaway's getups in Bonnie and Clyde, but the clothes themselves ranged from casual cruisewear (short shorts with ladylike blouses, sassy tennis dresses) to city slickers in plastic-coated cotton to full-on red-carpet looks, the best of which was a clingy electric-green column with a flaring mermaid hem below the knee. Always popular with young Hollywood, Posen has seen his star rise even higher with the celebrity set of late, and there was plenty for A-listers to choose from here. Standouts included a pair of jersey dresses that had been color-blocked and pleated to showcase his ladies' toned curves.