The message was crystal clear as a Baccarat glass tinkling with iced Campari and blood orange on the beach at Parrot Cay: Ralph Lauren's take on Resort is unabashedly classic. He calls it "takeaway" (but, nope, it's got nothing whatsoever to do with Chinese food). It's a wardrobe that says Mustique, Palm Beach, and St. Bart's in a happy rainbow of paisleys, white cottons, sunshine yellows, and kelly greens, with bags and jewelry to match. Imagine long silk button-down cover-ups, worn with gold sandals, that magically transform into dresses as you go from beach to lunch. Amid the traditional five-diamond fare, green silk cargo pants seemed slightly out of place…but, hey, even on vacation, a girl can't pay homage to Babe Paley 24/7.