Have culture, will travel. There's the tagline for any Tory Burch collection you might want to name. Manet and Morocco were the organizing principles of Burch's new range for Resort. A trip to North Africa—and some hats purchased at a market there—gave the designer the inspiration for the ethnic prints and embellishments, while the soft, gouache colors of the Impressionists gave a more muted tone to the whole. Those colors and a higher-flying hemline lent the collection more of a feminine slant than usual. "I'm loving the femininity," Burch said, grazing over florals, bird prints, and a number of tunic-and-short-short matched ensembles she declared "fresh." It wasn't a night-and-day departure from business as usual, but a welcome venture in a new direction. So, too, was the new technique of printing on leather, for a stripey effect.