Giorgio Armani closed the Fall 2007 show for his Emporio collection with a passage devoted to his EA7 line, which is all about snow and the absolute ne plus ultra of snow-related activities. (His snowboard, for instance, has been designed in collaboration with Burton.) Such high-tech sports fabulosity shows Armani at the top of his game. The rest of the collection, meanwhile, melded his tailoring expertise with a combination of futurism and a fascination with the Renaissance, which reared its head in textures plucked straight from a sixteenth-century crowd scene. The key item was clearly the jacket, offered in dozens of crowd-pleasing variations. A more intriguing undercurrent was the notion of protection, played out in techno fabrics and ideas like padding and quilting. Combine that sense with the models' aerodynamic hair and silvery blush, and there were moments when the parade of mannequins felt like a march-past of candidates for the colonization of another planet.