In case you hadn┐t noticed, there┐s been an Australian fashion invasion lately. And though you wouldn┐t expect that the Seoul-based husband-and-wife team Hanii Yoon and Gene Kang would be part of it, their new collection was in fact inspired by a trip Down Under. Specifically, they took as their central concept an intricate patchwork modeled after Lab architecture┐s glass-and-metal mosaic of buildings in Federation Square, Melbourne.

Though beautifully made, these patchworks—circling the yoke of a chemise or banding the bust of a silver jumper dress—didn┐t have much resonance. But that isn┐t to say the collection didn┐t have appeal. Especially interesting were the tight pants with buttons at the back of the heel, and a black silk-taffeta moiré tuxedo with four large bone buttons that would even turn Beau Brummell┐s head. The slinky, silky champagne-and-caviar dresses were pretty, too.

But the best looks were the more substantial, tailored ones: coat-dresses (a red moiré and a black double-breasted one) and a jacquard trapeze jacket with a drawstring closure. The pièce de résistance was a short, black sheared-mink coat with puffed sleeves. It fairly bloomed with fur roses.