It was a veritable tour de force for Marc Jacobs who, after showing his own line in New York, presented an impressively honed collection for Louis Vuitton. Travel and luxury have always been essential components of the Vuitton allure, and this season it looks like jet-setters will feel equally at home on their way to a safari in Africa or hopping on the Concorde between New York and Paris. Canvas skirts, trenchcoats, and jackets stamped with LV's mini-monogram were reminiscent of a luxury-starved colonial explorer's uniform, as were the wool denim pieces and oversize bags. For more urban tastes, Jacobs produced a series of fluid silk jersey dresses with graphic prints, gold skirts and coats, and cashmere tops with scarves. The overall feeling was of easy, eminently wearable chic—adornment was restricted to very subtle diamond stitching on pants and skirts, and occasional embroidery on tanks and evening gowns.