Luca Missoni presented Milan's most purely summery collection for 2006. "Optimistic, glossy, All-American," declared the program notes, and the show's sun-streaked energy had a distinct West Coast flair: all the blues suggested water, while the pinks hinted at Palm Springs. When they were combined (a geometric-patterned vest over a printed shirt, for instance) and paired with white jeans, the result was a casual new lightness of spirit for Missoni menswear. The same feeling was evident in a voile polo shirt, a short-sleeved butter-yellow cardigan, and a floral print that showed up as a shirt, a belt, and on a pair of boat shoes. A plaid suit looked refreshingly preppy (did you ever imagine you'd see those two words together?), and bright Missoni stripes on jackets, vests, and glazed cotton bags underscored the company's inexhaustible artisanal heritage.