God Save the Queen

The Other Boleyn Girl Screening and Dinner


Mamie Gummer.
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Tory Burch and Marina Rust Connor.
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The line at the snack counter was still a dozen socials deep when the lights went down for Tuesday night's Alberta Ferretti-hosted screening of The Other Boleyn Girl. "You're going to miss the movie," said Peggy Siegal, chiding a group that included Jennifer Creel and Charlotte Ronson. "We're watching it from here," reasoned one guest. "Oh, good," Siegal shot back. "Then you know that everyone dies." She wasn't far off base, of course. The film, which stars Natalie Portman as Anne Boleyn and Scarlett Johansson as her wide-eyed sister, Mary, recounts that bloody time in British history when "heads will roll" wasn't just a figure of speech.

The lavish dinner that followed at Christie's featured a table centerpiece of fiddlehead ferns bookended by miniature guillotines. That gruesome touch didn't keep the PYTs down, though—not when there was Champagne to be swilled and dainty Alberta Ferretti frocks to show off. A petite Portman, who sat with her equally petite parents, looked regal in a floor-length velvet gown, while her pal Mamie Gummer shone in a plum-colored cocktail number. The purple theme extended to the decor. "This is all very glammy," said Gummer, her eyes settling on a large bowl of vegetables that was part of the scheme. "Huh, lotta eggplants."
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