Masters of Disguise

Jacobs and co. Compete for Most Outrageous Costume at His Holiday Bash


Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy, at Gotham Hall.
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Dr. Lisa Airan and Gilles Mendel, at Gotham Hall.
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Carmen Hawk and Milla Jovovich, at the Gramercy Park Hotel.
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"Of course, I'm expecting misbehavior," said Marc Jacobs at the start of his Venice Carnival-themed holiday party at Gotham Hall on Wednesday. "But," he added, pointing to his pigeon suit, "I'm not sure how I'll do wearing this." The designer wasn't the only one with wardrobe restrictions. "It took three gay men to get me dressed tonight," said Dr. Lisa Airan, alluding to the corset of her turquoise ball gown. "I can barely move but I can't sit down either." Airan spent the evening standing on the sidelines with Rachel Roy, Damon Dash, and her pal and co-dresser Gilles Mendel, who sported a white Phantom of the Opera-inspired half-mask. "Everybody else has those beak nose things on," said Mendel. "I'm trying to hide my long nose."

Dolled up with face paint, platinum wigs, and corsets, the rest of the crowd took their cue from the writhing dance performers—many of whom sported little more than breast paint and shiny, skimpy briefs—and spent all night on the dance floor. As they finished the final twirls of a classic waltz, white feathers rained down from the ceiling in a sight that Airan called "heavenly." The word didn't quite fit the rest of the evening, however. "Decadence is more like it," declared Robert Duffy. "All this and I saw something naughty happen between a girl and a boy from two of our stores in the restrooms."

As the glitter fell over Gotham Hall, Milla Jovovich was busy celebrating a little shimmer of her own at her 31st birthday party at the Gramercy Park Hotel. To mark the occasion, Vogue and the jewelry company Taché presented the Jovovich-Hawk designer with a three-diamond right-hand ring and sprinkled crystals over everything from the floral arrangements to the chocolate mousse. Friends Carmen Hawk, Harvey Weinstein, Georgina Chapman, and Amy Smart were on hand to help her celebrate. "The dance floor is finally picking up," said the birthday girl when Jauretsi Saizarbitoria started spinning hits around 11 o'clock. "Everyone's been chatty-chatty, but now it's time to dance!"
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