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Good vibes aplenty at after-parties for DVF and Public School


Tyson Chandler, Maxwell Osborne, and Dao-Yi Chow   
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Diane von Furstenberg's "Bohemian Wrapsody" collection ended yesterday with cake and a shower of golden confetti—and the celebrations continued at the after-party. Why the festive mood? It's been forty years since the designer, at 26, introduced the dress that made her famous. And just as Von Furstenberg moved her runway out of the tents this season, she took her party from Indochine back home to her roomy studio on West 14th Street, where the likes of Karen Elson and Karlie Kloss (both of whom had walked for DVF that afternoon) and Zoë Kravitz circulated.

Leandra Medine, meanwhile, was eyeing Fran Lebowitz and trying to muster the courage to go introduce herself. "I should just grow some fashion balls," she concluded. On the subject of the wrap dress, Medine offered, "I think it has made a lot of women feel very sexy without having to show too many limbs. That's a special experience."

And one that's definitively multigenerational. "My mother wore it, I wore it, my daughter wore it, and now my granddaughter wears it," Von Furstenberg noted, adding that the wrap's cultural impact has surprised her as much as its popularity. "Did I think my dress would end up in sociology classes? No." Moments later, servers cleared the buffet table and replaced it with a dessert spread from Sant Ambroeus so breathtaking that it had dozens of onlookers snapping photos—even before the lady of the hour started cutting cake.

Down the street at Up & Down, Public School's Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne walked into a heroes welcome. Big-name fans like Tyson Chandler and Victor Cruz joined to toast the duo, whose foray into womenswear is likely to bring in yet more high-profile supporters. It will also change their social life in other ways. "No late mornings for a long time, not until after Paris," Chow vowed. All the more reason to savor the victory beat, he shouted. "You're actually just experiencing it three times louder than you should be—that's what the vibes will do to you. You feel like, 'This is the best song I've ever heard!'"

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