Down and Dirty

Waris Ahluwalia and Friends Fête His Latest Collaboration at the Wooly


Waris Ahluwalia with the Citizens Band   
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"I started off 2010 saying it was my year to be inappropriate," Waris Ahluwalia told last night at a fête to celebrate his cheeky panty line for "This year I will be dirty." Piling into the Wooly downtown, Charlotte Ronson, Cory Kennedy, and Arden Wohl all seemed more than happy to play along. "I came to get some naughty knickers," Sabine Heller said, while Karen Elson, Sarah Sophie Flicker, and their Citizens Band serenaded the audience in skimpy costumes.

Ahluwalia remained fully dressed throughout. After all, he's got a long fashion week ahead of him. "I have, like, a hair and makeup test tomorrow and it's not on me. What on earth am I doing?" the jeweler and actor laughed. After his House of Waris jewelry presentation next Tuesday, he may indeed have a hair and makeup test of his own. "I might have to go to Colombia in March, but they keep changing the dates," the multitasking accessories designer said of an upcoming film project. When we pressed him for more information, he refused. Apparently, to say anything else would be inappropriate.

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