Because the Night Belongs to Rock Goddesses

Party-Hopping With Gwen Stefani and Patti Smith


Gwen Stefani   
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Gwen Stefani came to her LAMB after-party without her flashiest accessory—18-month-old son Zuma, who'd been with her at her show earlier that day at Milk Studios in a matching leather jacket. She had her hands full without him, though—the cocktail hour at Milk's eighth-floor Surf Lodge Outpost was as much a receiving line as anything, with publicists and security guards telling photographers to cool their jets and let people like Estée Lauder's John Demsey in for a chat.

"It was a challenging couple days with the blizzard, Chinese New Year, Federal Express, child with an earache," Stefani told us. "But I feel like all that stuff brought on a lot of creativity. We came up with a lot of looks that we wouldn't have thought of without the pressure." The show must go on, right? "It crossed my mind that we didn't have all our looks, but I didn't think about canceling," she said, adding that she'd managed to get to bed around 1:30 the night before her presentation. She seemed intent on setting an earlier curfew this night and was long gone by the time Josh Hartnett came by and got a kitchen tour from Surf Lodge chef Sam Talbot.

Also party-hosting within the multi-space Milk location were LnA's Lauren Alexander and April Leight. The L.A.-based designers celebrated their first-ever New York show with a crowd that included Heidi Mount, Ally Hilfiger, and Genevieve Jones. Late night, the suddenly ubiquitous Patti Smith took the stage for a set that included crowd favorite "Because the Night" and a song she dedicated to Alexander McQueen. She left the crowd with this: "If we have lost loved ones, the best way to cope is to celebrate life."

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