Boys' Night Out

Toasting GQ's Best New Menswear Designer Nominees


Josh Lucas   
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All work and no play makes Jack a dull menswear designer. Swaim (Hutson), Michael (Bastian), and Robert (Geller), too. They were among the hordes who descended on the IAC building last night to toast the six nominees for the GQ Best New Menswear Designer in America Award, despite the looming shows. "I'm going back to the studio after this," Hutson swore to us; his first full collection for Generra hits the runways this evening. Bespoke tailor turned ready-to-wear designer Craig Robinson would soon be reapplying his nose to the grindstone, too; he let it slip that he's working on suiting options for a certain Invictus Academy Award nominee.

With his presentation on Sunday, nominee Billy Reid could afford to be a bit more relaxed. Rocking on his heels in front of his section of the installation, the Alabama-based designer said, "It's an honor just to be nominated." Sure, but wouldn't it be nice to win? A Southern gent to the last, he just smiled. Hanuk Kim, meanwhile, told us that the pictures for his Fashion Loves Hanuk exhibition tonight weren't even on the walls yet. The truly important decisions, however, had been made. "Bond St. is preparing the drinks," he said. "That's what I really care about."

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