French Kisses

A pair of fetes for Purple and CR Fashion Book


Jovanotti with Renzo Rosso   
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"Renzooo!" When Olivier Zahm greeted Renzo Rosso last night at Acme, it was with mutually clutched fists and not much formality. The Frenchman's Purple magazine teamed up with Rosso's Diesel Black Gold to launch its latest issue, which features Miranda Kerr on the cover, interviews with the likes of Harmony Korine and Phoebe Philo (the latter by editor at large Tim Blanks), and hipster heiress Kick Kennedy in a lambskin leather miniskirt. Plenty—including Chloë Sevigny and Francesco Clemente—turned up to celebrate. True to Purple style, the evening offered a chance for a certain type of fashion person, especially one not too connected to his or her chair, to catch up with friends. Theophilus London, for one, was gratified to be circulating with Zahm's set. "I know I'm a part of the progressive crowd every time I see his ass, taking photos, with his aviators on," the musician said, adding that there was one downside to it all. "Sometimes it's overwhelming to hang out with so many beautiful women."

By midnight there was a rumor going around (mostly accurate, it turned out) that the crowd gathering outside The Standard for the after-party had reached two hundred. Clutching a copy of Betony Vernon's Boudoir Bible, which he'd excerpted in the mag, Zahm zipped across town in a car and managed to slip inside. Meanwhile, André Balazs found himself pinned against the crush of eager bodies and unable (for a few minutes, at least) to get in to his own hotel. Talk about a tough door.

Uptown, meanwhile, Carine Roitfeld had invited friends to the Gagosian for the closing of Merci Mercy, an exhibition curated by her son Vladimir. Said Roitfeld: "Funny, he used to be Carine's son. Now I am known as Vladimir's mother. I couldn't be more proud." Vlad wasn't the only thing she was showing off last night. Eventually, everyone headed over to Casa Lever to fete the second issue of CR Fashion Book. "She's honest, she's free, she's avant-garde," Riccardo Tisci told before joining Roitfeld and Ciara on the dance floor. So does that mean some Carine-inspired looks at Givenchy in two weeks?

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