Marc Kills It

A Friends-and-Family After-Party for Jacob


Dakota Fanning, Marc Jacobs, and Rachel Feinstein Currin   
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After countless air kisses and congratulations and even more backstage interviews at the Armory last night, Marc Jacobs was whisked off to the Pierre hotel to celebrate his new collection with the brand's traditional friends-and-family bash. As he walked inside the grand ballroom, the man of the hour was greeted by another round of applause.

"I think it might have been Marc's best show ever," gushed Dakota Fanning. "Those hats were insane." Over dinner, the chapeaus and Rachel Feinstein Currin's elaborate sugar frosting set were the center of conversation. "There was actually talk of building a bridge and maybe even a moat at one point," one Jacobs employee revealed. "That got axed though—too complicated."

As dinner came to a close, the Kills took to the stage for a special surprise performance. "I am a huge Kills fan—I love them!" Fanning told "Especially 'Pots and Pans.' " During the short set, the actress and assorted other partygoers really let their hair down, forming dance circles and getting on each others' shoulders despite being in their party dresses. By the end of the night, they'd not only kicked up their heels but they'd kicked them off, too. We spotted two partygoers walking out barefoot with stilettos in their Marc bags.

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