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Miu Miu Fans Spend Valentine's Day With the Brand


Leighton Meester   
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From the old freight elevator ride up to the loft on Cleveland Place to the winding, black-curtained entryway, arriving at Miu Miu's bash for A Woman Dress last night felt a little like walking into a haunted house. And that was rather fitting, considering that the short film on show was a twisted tale of women and their do-anything-for-it obsession with the label. The clip starred the girls of electric pop group Au Revoir Simone.

Although it felt more like Halloween, guests were in a Valentine's Day spirit. "I love this holiday, even when you aren't in love," Leighton Meester told "I saw the Vera Wang show earlier today, the Empire State Building is all lit up—how can you complain?" Everyone looked happy except, that is, the Miu Miu PR team. "Someone stole the sunglasses earlier and they're still trying to track them down," a photographer reported, referring to the new Miu Miu Culte shades that had been on display. Guess someone's love affair with the brand is a little too intense.

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