"Almost Like Picasso"

Drinking and Designing With JT


Justin Timberlake, Emile Hirsch, and Trace Ayala   
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The Rose Bar is nothing if not used to celebrity drop-ins, but Justin Timberlake isn't your everyday celebrity. Shortly after his entrance at Monday's intimate William Rast after-party, all bodies seemed to shift toward the middle of the room. That's where the pop star, lounging on a banquette with his arm around girlfriend Jessica Biel, hung out for most of the night. (Did anyone notice Gerard Butler and Emile Hirsch were right next to him?) JT may have been the man of the hour, but collaborators Johan and Marcella Lindeberg were in a celebratory mood as well. "We're like a band, basically," said Johan. "It's really about meeting creative forces," added Marcella. "It's almost like in the old days, like Picasso. You kind of meet in the bar and brainstorm." It was hard to imagine too many creative ideas being born over the pumping music last night, but then again, JT's presumably used to working in those circumstances.

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