"It's Like I've Been Doing Pilates All My Life"

Ellen Barkin and Christina Hendricks on Why They Love L'Wren


Christina Hendricks and Ellen Barkin   
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On the last night of fashion week, it's tough to rally even the most devoted of night owls—that is, unless you're L'Wren Scott. The designer and her stylish flock—Ellen Barkin, Christina Hendricks, Rachel Feinstein Currin, and Scott's main squeeze, Mick Jagger, included—took over a corner of the Mark Restaurant for a private dinner, and their presence didn't go unnoticed. During cocktail hour, a restaurant diner boldly approached the Rolling Stones front man to pose for a photo, and in a classy move, the rock star obliged.

When the flashbulbs stopped popping, Barkin, clad in a long-sleeved merlot column by the designer, told "Everything she designs makes all your assets look perkier and your waist look smaller." Hendricks, in her own blush-colored Scott confection, agreed: "It's like I've been doing Pilates all my life." As the conversation progressed, the ladies proved to be astute fashion acolytes. "I've been wearing L'Wren for the last 20 years," Barkin declared. "Does that mean you're the first?" Hendricks cooed, wide-eyed. "I've only been wearing her for about three years now, but I tell you, all the stylists will vouch that her dresses are the most flattering."

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