Opening Ceremonies

Rose Byrne & co. turn out to kick off Milan's fashion festivities


Nicola Gerber Maramotti, Rose Byrne, and Maria Giulia Prezioso Maramotti   
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Last night saw a throwdown of the dueling Giacomos in Milan, as the two offshoots of local institution Da Giacomo hosted the evening's main events. At Giacomo Bistrot, American EICs gathered to celebrate Max Mara's Face of the Future Award, which every year singles out one actress for her talent and style. Despite being laid low by a toxic shrimp on her flight from New York, this year's recipient, Rose Byrne, bucked up for her first-ever trip to Milan. When she wondered what she should see, T's Deborah Needleman brushed aside suggestions of The Last Supper or a day trip to Como in favor of shopping for jewelry from her own secret find of a store. (Now what was its name? Oh, right, then it wouldn't be a secret.) A fanboy dinner guest was more thrilled to hear from the Insidious star how some of the scariest effects were achieved in those films. It might hurt to watch, but it never hurts to ask.

Meanwhile, at Giacomo Arengario, the restaurant that overlooks Milan's Gothic cathedral, which always feels as awe-inspiring as a house of God should at night, Franca Sozzani and Remo Ruffini were hosting a dinner to mark the opening of Giambattista Valli's store in Milan. "Just friends," said Valli, but that fortuitously meant people you'd like to break bread with: the Brandolini d'Adda sisters; Linda Fargo; Massimo Piombo; Margherita Missoni and her husband, Eugenio Amos; and host Ruffini…and that was just my table. All in all, a good night for the Giacomos.

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